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Supper Club 3.0

August 29, 2016

A good friend of ours started up a supper club.  Before we knew him, he began this group that would meet up on a scheduled basis and bring a dish that fit a unique theme.  Each meet up would be hosted at a different location, cycling through all members.  Flash forward to a couple years ago and we were asked to be part of this adventure.

Eventually the supper club 2.0 disbanded.  We would occasionally have dinner meet ups and wine nights but nothing quite as exciting as that supper club.  Flash forward again to a couple months ago, we were hanging out with this same friend and he made mention of starting it back up again.  We jumped on board, saying YES instantly!  Supper club 3.0 was born.

This past Saturday a group of eight people met up, shared food, wine, and laughs.  There were a few sentimental tears and interesting stories shared.  We all had different backgrounds but none of that mattered.  The purpose was to have a good time and that is exactly what happened!

The theme was Mediterranean food.  I know very little about that flavor of cooking so I jumped right onto Pinterest to start my search.  Eventually I found these Stuffed Mediterranean Meatballs.  I pretty much followed the recipe to the letter and they turned out AMAZING!  Of course there are a few things I would alter next time but I certainly added them to my recipe book!  I did omit the wrapping of cucumber and I decided to pan fry them on each side and then finished them in the oven.  I did try to only use the pan; however, I felt the meatballs were burning.

Now, Mediterranean food would not be complete without tzatziki.  For this, I looked up about five different recipes and found they were all similar with the same four ingredients – greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic, and dill (well six ingredients if you count salt and pepper).  Simple yet delicious!  For the complete recipe, see this post!

I could not have asked for a better Saturday.  I was forced outside of my cooking element by trying Mediterranean food.  I was able to try many wonderful dishes cooked by amazing people.  I spent the evening sipping on wine and finding out interesting factoids about existing and new friends.  My heart and stomach were full by the end of the night!