Homemade Pesto

May 20, 2014

I was constantly on the search for good pesto and I was always disappointed by the store bought stuff.  Whether it is found in the cold section next to the “fresh” pasta or right off the shelf in the pasta sauce aisle, I get it home and I am left longing to still find something better.  Some had too little salt while others were lacking in the garlic area while others just had no flavor at all.  Then one day an idea hit me!  What if I make my own?!  Crazy idea right?  WRONG!  I tried it and it turns out not only was it the BEST DECISION EVER, it is also extremely easy to make!

Side note:  My favorite thing to use the pesto in is my version mini bruschetta bites.  Also, if you are feeling like you want more than just a turkey sandwich for lunch, I highly suggest using the pesto with some tomato slices and mozzarella cheese lightly toasted.

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