Clean Products, Clean Life

June 13, 2014

It all started with a desire to eat better.  What I put in my body matters and I wanted to make sure what I cooked didn’t contain chemicals that could potentially harm me long term.  I have been semi successful at this feat although I am always learning new things and some weeks are better than others.

Once I opened the food door, it lead me to think about what I put on my body and what I use to clean our home. So I began to explore homemade cleaning products.  For a while the house smelled like vinegar all the time and neither Brendan nor myself really enjoyed living in that environment.

For fear that Brendan would explode one day because the vinegar odor would just become too overpowering, I went on an internet search for the best truly “green” products.  This let me to City Maid Green, an amazing local store with a great owner and wonderful ideas!  I dragged Brendan to a soap making class there one night, which wasn’t difficult after I mentioned there would be alcoholic beverages served.  While having a fantastic time making soap, we found out that they have a maid service.  This was great news since I had wanted to get the house deep cleaned but I feared the products wouldn’t really be clean.

I requested a quote online, set up an appointment, and on Memorial Day weekend two of the nicest people came to our house and began to clean.  I can honestly say they exceeded my expectations by 100%. I don’t think in the two years we lived in this house our bathroom floor has ever been that clean and the calk around the bathtub was actually white.  The smells of the products took over the home and were extremely pleasant (unlike the vinegar and essential oil concoctions I would try to make).  They took their time, making sure every corner was checked and cleaned thoroughly.

The best part of the whole experience is that I trusted the products.  We had met the owner.  We had heard her story and her reason why she started City Maid Green.  I felt like even in the bigger city of Orlando I was able to contribute to a mom and pop company and they were able to provide us with an amazingly clean home.

Image courtesy of City Maid Green

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